How to Create an Attractive Dolls

You want to own a doll and you want that you will create your own doll? Here are the steps on how you will make doll. In fact, hand made dolls are easier to make. Plastic dolls that you see being sold anywhere are created through machine. If you want to have dolls like those, you buy a machine for those.

For simple dolls that you want to create, You need to have the dress code and design of the doll. Buy cotton or anything that you can put as the internal parts of the body in order to form a body. You will also need to have a sewing machine to sew and close up the body. If you have already prepared all the materials you will need, you may start now to create your beautiful doll. Create design of the doll on the cloth as part of the body. For example, the mouth, lips, eyes and nose in the head.

Sew first the one side of every side of every part of the doll. The head of the doll maybe a different task. However, you may need to check of there are further design to make so that you can be able to decide on how to adjust the size and dimensions on the doll. Stitch a close part with one opening at the hands, feet, stomach and head and other parts. Put the cotton and everything that want to put inside each and every part of the body while closing them. This is putting all together parts of the body one by one. After this you may need to glue hair or wig for the doll. The end.