History of Dolls

The history of dolls began in the early civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Babylon, around 400 BC. We call those beautiful hand made toys in person, dolls. Back in the early years of the ancient civilization, toys such as animals started with the molding of a clay, a sticky mud that comes in different colors.

This is when the making of toys for children began, along with the thought oft creating a toy with the same features as that of humans, eyes, hair, feet and Beauty. During the late BCs, people made toys using any kind of scrap like a formed thing and cover them with body. The use of cornhusks to shape a human-like started in America.

Actually, dolls were made as a toy but the most significant thing that has to be paid attention to this is that dolls were used for the use of fortune, sorcery, and magic. In other words, people in those days could use dolls to perform magic and curse by enchanters and sorcerers and monstrous demo. For example, they want to punish a person and a sorcerer would use a doll to perform his power. For example, he speaks that a specific person would be punished and he would beat the dolls back and that specific person’s back suffers with pain but does not know why.

The modern dolls that we see today are made of plastics, porcelain and cloth. The production of plastic dolls started in Europe in United Kingdom in the late 19th century. This is why many many plastic dolls are of European features. So there are thousands of doll-manufacturing company in Europe.